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Our coffee blends are selected with the cyclist in mind.  Bold, bright, satisfying blends designed for that much sought-after coffee fix. All our blends are 100% fair trade and organic coffee beans, so you can feel good about making our coffee part of your morning or mid afternoon ritual.

Crankset Coffee

gifts for cyclists, coffee, cycling, crank setDark roasted, this bold, bright, and balanced blend of Timor Arabica and Robusta has the perfect caffeine kick that will help you drop your buddies on the group ride.  Sweet yet strong, our aptly named Crankset Coffee has the highest caffeine content of all coffee blends.





Off The Chain

gifts for cyclists, coffee, cycling, off the chain

A hearty Nicaraguan roast combined with an Indonesian Sumatran and Java for a full body flavor. This is your go-to brew after a few hours of carving up the woods, or dropping the hammer out on the road.  A great combination of medium and dark roasts for a complex cup that is “off the chain.”





Carbon Free Commuter

gifts for cyclists, coffee, cycling, carbon free commuterThis medium-dark blend of sweet Peruvian and smoky Guatemalan beans has a kick of an Italian Espresso as well.  Sweet and smoky, this is a great roast to fire you up for the ride in.  Keep a carafe in the bottle cage, and have another cup for the ride home.  You deserve it!





The 3 Pack

gifts for cyclists, coffee, cycling, gifts for menCoffee isn’t an occasional treat.  For most people, it’s as essential as oxygen.  Most people consume an average of 3 cups of coffee a day.  Save yourself the chore of running out to the grocery store and getting a mass produced, non organic  big business coffee that was roasted months ago.  Our coffee is fresh roasted and is delivered to your door fresh.  One 12 oz bag of our coffee is equal to approximately 34 cups of coffee, depending upon how strong you like your brew.  Economize by getting our 3 pack.  Choose your favorite one flavor or sample each selection.  Makes a great gift.  Whole bean only.

Price: $35.99

Coffee and Mug Combo Set

gifts for cyclists, coffee, cycling, gifts for men

Make your coffee experience complete and save some money doing it.  By combining your favorite Sip, Clip and Go coffee with our signature mug, you save 20% off the regular price of $24.98.  Makes a great gift for your favorite cyclist. Hand wash only!




Price: $19.99


Coffee Mug

gifts for cyclists, coffee, cycling, gifts for men

Think of it as a kit for your coffee!  Sip, Clip & Go’s Coffee Mugs are just as styling (and probably fit better than most Lycra)!   Makes a great gift for your favorite rider. Hand wash only!






Travel Mug

gifts for cyclists, coffee, cycling, gifts for men

Sleek and stylish, our tumbler fits nicely into your bottle cage.  Take us with you on your ride, we’ll keep your coffee hot and safe.  16 ounces, stainless steel exterior, insulated plastic interior.


Price: $10.99



Our logo on your bumper, or laptop, or front door, on your neighbor’s car, your old coffee mug, or on the side of your Thule Weekender, or at the Mass Pike Toll Booth. We think they really make anything look better.


Price: $2.99


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